How Is Car Insurance Renewal Done Online?

Purchasing a car insurance policy is not a one-time task. As vehicle insurance is a compulsory precautionary measure for vehicle owners in India, this means that you need to get your insurance renewal done on a yearly basis. However, this does not mean that you need to spend a lot of time and energy in getting your car insurance policy renewed every single time. Instead, you can just do it online!

When you get your car insurance renewal online, you save yourself the hassle of physically going to an insurance company, sorting through plenty of paperwork and wasting a day in this process. The better alternative is online renewal. How can you get your insurance renewal done online? Read on to find out what you need to keep in mind.

Find Best Car Insurance Renewal Plans Online

With numerous insurance companies entering the market over the past decade, there is no shortage of insurance renewal plans. However, this makes it necessary for you to sort through all the options before selecting the policy with the best features. To help you make a headway, here are some of the features that you can benefit from when you go online:

Lesser Cost:

Due to administrative savings that an insurance company has when you choose to buy a policy online instead of offline, these reduced expenses reflect in the form of lower premiums and in turn, end up benefiting you. So, making an online policy purchase is not just cost effective for the insurance company but can actually help you too!

Add-On Coverage:

At the time of renewing your policy, consider additional benefits that will help increase your vehicle’s security such as engine protection, nil depreciation, and a higher coverage. Due to the simplicity of online renewals, you can begin by understanding each of these options at the time of finalizing your plan to make it more comprehensive.

Easy Comparison:

When you renew your car insurance policy, you have the option to change or modify your plan. This gives you the opportunity to compare and make any additions or deletions that you feel you require to make your existing policy even better. Online purchase facilitates for easier and quicker comparison of policies.


Because of lesser costs, most insurance companies offer discounts based on various parameters such as the declared value of the vehicle, mode of payment being made, etc. You can cash in on these discounts and get the best deal possible when you are ready to get your car insurance renewal online.

Benefits of Car Insurance Renewal Online

Still not convinced about why you should renew your car insurance policy online? Here are a few benefits that will clarify any doubts that you may have:

Speed and Simplicity:

Car insurance renewal online is a quick process that takes a few minutes to complete, even when you have to make comparisons among existing options. This is further uncomplicated as online brokerage services like have created a simple user interface that makes information readily accessible and easy to understand for almost everyone.


It isn’t hidden knowledge that online purchases are far less stressful than offline purchases. The same is the case for insurance renewal too. A device and an internet connection are the only two prerequisites to getting your renewal done twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Access to Documentation:

Not only is the entire transaction paperless, and therefore less tedious, even after you get your renewal done, your policy documents are instantly sent to your inbox. This not only protects your files from getting lost or damaged, you now don’t have to wait for longer than sixty seconds for the soft copies to reach you.


One of the key features of an online policy renewal is the availability of information whenever you need it. Even if you don’t know every detail about your policy, you can go through it by yourself. Further, there is no scope for information being withheld from you as you are in control of what you want to see. Having the authority to take the decision without any interference will make you more confident about your final choice.

Before Winding Up…

Getting your car insurance renewal online has a series of benefits which may or may not be fully available to you if you choose to make a personal visit to the insurance company. On that note, is an online brokerage service that lays out all your options in front of you so that you can compare the pros and cons of each plan before getting your renewal done. So, don’t wait any longer, because your vehicle’s security is just a click away.

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