How Small and Medium Size Enterprise Can Solve Financing Queries

In the naval base of Douala, a Cameroonian company known as `Atlantique` has for just one year been creating a new type of partnership with `Mouquet`, a French company. Because of the mixture of their technical know-how, the 2 companies acquired markets making the cleaning of quays towards the port authority of Douala. The Atlantic and Mouquett were come up with, like 8 others in Douala , at the very next day from the second edition from the industrial trade-guild locked in The month of january 2006.

It’s a program to assist SME s within their development because of the training with modernization through sophisticated equipment. It’s acted to be able to circumvent the down sides of financing faced by these SMEs .

Because,of the relation, two companies,which should be identified by the Chamber of Commerce , receive a financing at Proinvest, the ecu Investment Bank. Once the two companies merge, they have to inform the Chamber of Commerce that will consequently make a apply for acquiring the financial lending at Proinvestthe European company finding yourself in this situation an ideal guarantee for that bank . When the European company constitutes the guarantee, there’s the absolute minimum which demands in the Cameroonian partner. what one requires around the Cameroonian part, will be known and identified by CIMA, but additionally to understand the trade of subcontracting that it engaged.

Following the first edition from the industrial trade-guild which saw nine companies benefiting from these contacts, 27 French companies and 4 other Belgians happen to be coming Cameroon early this season , inside the framework from the family room from the Promote company, to be able to tie new contacts Vis-a-vis together, countless Cameroonian SMEs akin to the profiles of companies of subcontracting happen to be selected for financing .

Nowadays, merchants who use SME finance in their business, hope to get their operators to such training, they have to be able to be fully competent to manage such tools. Providing proper training to your operators with the right certification helps to minimize the loss of work in a fax or colony where such tools are used.