When a Business Hires an Accountant to Do More than Just the Basic Accounting Tasks

Depending upon a business’ financial situation, its owner may prefer to delegate financial oversight to somebody who has expertise and training to offer more than basic tax preparation or bookkeeping services. Accountants have their own specialization. For instance, there are Erina accountants to set up your self managed super fund or those that specialize in small business. However, when a business needs a professional to help with complicated financial decisions or strategic planning, it has to hire an accountant.

Accountants have the ability to advise businesses on various financial decisions and do specific tasks which require expertise. But this does not mean a business must hire an accountant as its full-time employee. It is about being aware of when to delegate some tasks so that business owners can make use of their time on activities that generate revenue.

Preparing a Business Plan

Not all businesses hire an accountant this early; however, doing so can help a business prevent some issues from occurring. Accountants can prepare financial forecasts and other reports which provide a business plan a realistic tone and expert polish a business needs to impress an investor or lender.

Choosing a Legal Structure

Accountants can tell a sole proprietor the best time to select or incorporate another structure for maximum tax savings and protection from liability. Small operations that depend on the personal finances of the owner will find this quite useful.

Helping with Strategic Planning and Finances

As a company grows, business accounting tends to become more complicated and most of this is beyond an average owner’s knowledge who may easily be distracted by daily business management. Although a bookkeeper can prepare financial reports and monitor accounts receivable, an accountant can help business owners analyze such reports, understand the metrics and come up with relevant decisions based upon the figures.


The right time to hire an accountant is if things have become too much for a registered agent or bookkeeper to handle and if the business owner is read to trust a professional to handle his financial interests so that he can concentrate on avoiding threats and seizing opportunities.

As a business owner hires an accounting for specific services or ongoing consultation, he must find somebody who specializes in small businesses and has an understanding of the industry in which the business operates. Trusted associates and friends can give referrals or business owners can consult organizations of accounts or hire one from a reputable Central Coast accounting firm. As the relationship between the business owner and his account is based upon trust, the latter must interview candidates just as they would any contractor or other employees to make sure that the person is qualified and provides the specialized services the business needs.